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Revive Chiropractic

Revive Chiropractic is a family focused Chiropractic office located close to the Christchurch City Centre. 


Revive Chiropractic


At Revive, we offer gentle and specific chiropractic care for infants, children, pregnant women, athletes and families in the local community. We utilise specific chiropractic techniques and the latest research to be sure your nervous system is function at its best.


Our aim is to reconnect and enhance your health and wellbeing by enabling your body to function at a greater neurological level.

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Besides increasing a pregnant woman’s comfort level, an aligned pelvis and spine can result in a safer and easier birth. Specific pregnancy techniques, such as the Webster Technique can help the baby get into a proper head-down position by balancing the pelvis and ligaments.



Infancy and childhood are times of rapid growth along with plenty of falls and bumps. Many parents choose to bring their babies and children to the Chiropractor for the assessment of their neuro-musculoskeletal system. Healthy nervous system function can support the achievement of developmental milestones. 

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Whether a recent injury or long standing pain chiropractic care can be helpful in dealing with your back and neck pain. A properly functioning spine and nervous system can relieve muscle imbalances and tightness that contribute to your aches and pain.

Head Massage


Some headaches originate in the neck. By restoring function and movement to the joints in the neck, chiropractic may help to ease headaches

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At your Initial Consultation we will take a full health history covering your current and past state of health.
This will be followed by a full spinal and nervous system examination and postural assessment.


Once we have a detailed picture of where you are at we are able to determine which chiropractic approach
we can utilise to best adjust and correct any spinal/nervous system concerns.


We recommend wearing comfortable clothes to your appointments.


Dr Tash Jackson

Tash graduated from the Auckland based New Zealand College of Chiropractic in 2013 with her Bachelor of Chiropractic. Tash is passionate about helping the Christchurch community reach its optimal health and function through chiropractic care.

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