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Christchurch Therapeutic Massage Centre

A team of highly qualified and experienced massage therapists can help you with many of the maladies of life eg. chronic pain and restricted motion, rehabilitating from injury, sports maintenance, aches and pains of pregnancy or stress management.

Revive Chiropractic


Our massage therapy professionals offer over 50 years of collective experience in body work. We have been working with the people of Christchurch for 30 years from humble beginnings in a 1 room clinic to our new multi-therapist clinic in Shirley.


Evening hours Mon-Fri and Sat appointments are available. Also for your convenience we offer onsite parking, disabled access, high-low tables, eftpos and gift vouchers.

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This uses slow, firm and specific techniques to realign muscle fibres and restore normal movement of muscles and tendons. It is commonly used in conjunction with other techniques such as heat, ice or specific stretching techniques.

Sports massage on leg


Sports massage is orientated toward working with athletes, their associated injuries and maintenance.

Regular sports massage may enhance the athletic performance and promote recovery after and event.

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Pregnancy Massage is aimed at the health and relaxation of the pregnant woman, usually in the side lying position. It is targeted relief to specific areas of discomfort eg low back, hips, neck and shoulder and feet.

Swedish Massage


Swedish relaxation uses a moderate depth techniques to knead the tension out of the muscles , lots of long sweeping strokes to help you unwind and relax. Possibly used with hot packs and gentle

music to enhance relaxation.

Back Massage


Neuromuscular therapy is treatment style massage aimed to restore balance to the soft tissue. This

may include trigger point therapy, postural analysis, heat or ice packs and stretching to target specific dysfunctional muscles

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We come to you in the workplace and use a specifically designed massage chair . You remain fully clothed in a seated position, most commonly 15 minutes addressing the neck and shoulder tension on the job.

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Your massage experience begins with a phone call. We will try to match you up with the best massage therapist for your personal need.


On arrival you will complete a health history questionnaire. Using this information the therapist will form a treatment outline or plan and discuss this with you. Sometimes specific orthopaedic tests or postural analysis may be required at this time. Once on the table you will be covered with a sheet at all times, (you may keep your underwear on), and the area being massaged will be uncovered while massage is applied.


Depending on the reason for your massage and the techniques used there may be some discomfortin accessing and treating the stiff and sore muscles. Typically relaxation massage is lighter and more rhythmical than sports massage which may be faster and more moderate depth or deep tissue which by definition is accessing a deeper layer so may illicit some discomfort. Whichever style or technique is used you as the client have to feedback this information to the therapist. Typically we might use a pressure scale of 1-5 with 1 being very light, 3 being moderate, 4 firm and 5 GO HOME NOW. This is important not only for your comfort but in gauging the best depth for your specific need and intended outcome.


The deeper styles of massage may cause some post massage soreness for a day or 2. This can be managed by using heat or liniments and stretching the area. Your massage therapist may give you some specific post massage guidelines to reduce this discomfort and to enhance your mobility. You will be instructed on how many sessions and how often for best results.

Please phone 03 385 0544 to book your appointment. If the answer phone is on we will get back to

you as soon as we are free. Just leave your name and number. We may be busy with clients or you

have rung out of business hours. We prefer to talk to you to connect you with the best therapist and

correct time frame to suit your needs.


We have 30min, 45 min, 60 min and 90 minute appointments


Charles McGrosky

Boulder School of Massage Therapy, Boulder, Colorado, USA, 1991

Massage therapist at Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Massage therapist for Team NZ at the 2006 Commonwealth Games. Teacher of Advanced Sports Massage. Specialises in: chronic pain relief, sports massage and sports
injuries. Rocktaping service available. 

McGill Method Level 1, 2 and 3
(low back pain approach).


Heather Wright

Boulder School of Massage Therapy, Boulder, Colorado, USA, 1991

Teacher of the Maniken Anatomy system.

Author of "What about me? " - a self-care book for massage therapists. Mentor for new or practicing massage therapists wishing to advance a particular area of their work. Specializes in alleviation of chronic pain through a variety of techniques, pregnancy massage and relaxation therapy. A trained yoga teacher. Onsite chair massage for corporate events/seminars and conferences.


Kay Bennett


Dip Therapeutic massage CCNM 2004, Diploma in Bowen therapy 2020

Specialising in sports massage, deep tissue, pain relief, and special needs.

Registered for Southern Cross Easy-Claim via MNZ.


Andrew Robson


Dip Therapeutic Massage CCNM

He works as a remedial massage therapist who specialising in sports massage, and deep tissue, works with

a range of clients with varying soft

tissue dysfunctions


Hannah Lee

Diploma of Therapeutic  Massage,
New Zealand College of Massage, 2016 

Interested in sports massage and Remedial Massage Therapy. Part of a Massage Team in the 7 day Pioneer Mountain Bike Stage Race, 2016-2017. Member of Massage New Zealand. Currently training for Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. PhD from Lincoln University in Biochemistry. Bilingual in English and Korean. Registered for Southern Cross Easy-Claim via MNZ.


Jared Williamson


Diploma of Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy, New Zealand College of Massage, 2019

Interested in sports massage, remedial massage, deep tissue massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, pregnancy and relaxation massage. Part of the Massage Team at Christchurch Marathon, 2018 and 2019. Member of massage therapy team for Canterbury Rams, 2019. Massage therapist for Rakahuri Rage
6 hour mountain bike ride 2019.


Utako Oishi


Diploma of Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy, New Zealand College of Massage, 2019

Interested in MLD for quick recovery from the injury, surgery and edema.
Also interested in treatments for Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and headaches. Reflexology service is available. Member of massage therapy team for Canterbury Rams, 2019. 
Member of Massage New Zealand. Fluent in Japanese.

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