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Foot Werks Podiatry

Our feet offer us the foundation from which we’re able to experience an active, independent life.

Revive Chiropractic


problems such as foot pain, sports injuries, or ingrown toenails can all lead to debilitating discomfort that can hold us back from doing the things we love. As podiatrists, our role is to ensure you can perform at your best, meet your exercise goals, and live life with comfort and ease.


We specialise in the assessment, diagnosis and management of pain, conditions and injuries to the foot or lower limbs. We offer treatment for a wide range of concerns, including general podiatry, sports podiatry and diabetes podiatry.

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With general podiatry, our aim is to ensure we prevent small issues becoming bigger concerns. Our general podiatry care includes things like:

  • Toenails - nail fungus and thickened toenails

  • Calluses

  • Cracked heels

  • Corns

Orthopedic Insoles


Foot pain is a common concern that we see here in the clinic. It might be that you’ve had a specific

injury, or it could be that pain has developed over time. At Foot Werks we carry out biomechanical

assessments, footwear prescriptions, orthotic prescription and on-going care and treatment to

enhance performance and minimise the likelihood of pain or injury. Foot Werks Podiatry is an ACC registered podiatry practice.

Mani Pedi


Ingrown toenails are a common occurrence. They are caused when a nail grows into the skin at the sides of your nail bed. As the nail ‘digs in’, it can cause pain, swelling and often infection. Treatment of your ingrown toenail in our clinic could involve shaping the nail correctly, removing a section of the nail to relieve the pressure, and in some instances a surgical procedure under local anaesthetic may be necessary.

Foot Massage


One of the unfortunate complications of diabetes is an increased risk of problems with your feet. Nerve damage and impaired sensation may mean you miss the ‘warning signs’ that something is amiss with your feet, while reduced circulation and blood supply to your feet can cause issues with healing. However, with the right care, early detection and professional treatment, more serious problems can be avoided.


Our assessment looks at neurological symptoms, biomechanical, vascular (veins), skin and nails. We’ll put together a treatment and prevention plan centred around your specific needs, and ensure

you have the education you need to confidently manage your own care at home.

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At your first appointment you will be given a consent form to fill in before your consultation with the podiatrist. If you are coming to see us about foot pain or a sports related injury, it is important that you bring with you the shoes you wear day to day as well as those related to your sport.

At your appointment, the podiatrist will assess your feet. If it is biomechanical we will take you through a range of tests to see how well your joints move, test your muscle strength, look at the way you stand, walk/run. If you see us for general podiatry care, such as toenails, we will take a look at your skin and nail health and give advice for care and treatment going forward.

Appointments are approximately between 20-30 minutes.

You can either book your appointment by calling our receptionist on 03 383 3656

or via our online booking service HERE

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Danielle Barclay

BHs Podiatry

Danielle is an experienced podiatrist, having been in the profession for 13 years. Danielle is passionate about all areas of podiatry, with a particular interest in ingrown toenail surgery.

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Nadine Brens

BHs Podiatry

Nadine graduated from Auckland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Health Science in Podiatry in 2011. She moved to Christchurch to kick-off her career, and started Foot Werks in 2018.

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