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Our Story

Massage therapist husband and wife team- Heather Wright and Charles McGrosky returned from

USA in 1991 to begin their professional massage career. After several years in business and allied

teaching at Canterbury College of Natural Medicine they expanded to become a multi-therapist
clinic based around bodywork.

After the 2010-2011 earthquakes they sold up the art deco cottage they had been working from in

Hills Rd to move 100m around the corner to a new build, the Freemasons building at 9 Shirley Rd.

Designing and creating a purpose built space “we added acupuncture services, then in 2019 took

over the adjoining lease to include podiatry and chiropractic services, adding a teaching apace for

yoga and other movement classes. The most recent addition is the inclusion of a nutritionist and a councillor .

Our ultimate aim is to provide holistic health services in one place, have the best of care in an
intimate and welcoming professional environment.”

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