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Your Space Pilates


Interactive Pilates classes with Mary Hurrell


I passionately believe the lives of my clients will be improved when they discover how easily they can step away from discomfort as they build their fitness by exercising their bodies and minds.

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Kia ora, I am Mary, owner/instructor of Your Space Pilates.

There are many influences that can cause us discomfort: stress, illness, injury, trauma, and uncertainty to name a few. Distress can be hard to shift. It can become an unwanted part of us that we carry, pushing our inner selves aside.

Our bodies and minds are the home of our inner being, our spirit, our wairua. It is YOUR SPACE. Pilates is my pathway to being comfortable in my own skin and at peace in my mind.

I have a gentle laid-back approach to instructing Pilates. I appreciate that some days just getting to the class has been an achievement. Come and do what suits your body, it may be a little it may be a lot. You decide.

My classes are a safe place for people of any ability to exercise to build fitness and a positive mindset. What makes my sessions exceptional, are the amazing people that laugh together and encourage one another.

I teach online Pilates mat and seated classes live online from my home in Christchurch, New Zealand. It is easy to get connected through Zoom from almost anywhere in the world. If you live in Christchurch, come to The Shirley Wellness Center, 9 Shirley Road for Studio sessions on the Reformer and Cadillac, or Mat Pilates and Seated Pilates classes.

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Mat Classes will strengthen your Power House. The deep core muscles that lift and support your spine.

When you are connected to your Powerhouse each exercise in the mat sequence will both stretch and strengthen your body. You will be working all the muscles of your body uniformly, giving you a complete workout.



Exercise at home, on holiday or even at work by joining an online class.

These classes are NOT recordings, but are 45-minute long live and interactive video conferencing calls via Zoom. This means I can see you and you can see me. I will be directing you and correcting you as you go. 



Get all the benefits of strengthening your POWER HOUSE without having to get down to the floor to work out on a mat. Using the principles of Pilates you will safely stretch and strengthen your body while also improving your balance.


Private and Duo Pilates sessions are available on the reformers and Cadillacs.

Feel at ease in this relaxed atmosphere where you can be yourself. All sessions are personalised to suit the level of challenge you would like to work at.

“Mary’s teaching is second-to-none – and I say that having trained in terrific studios across London and Sydney. Her precision has transformed my practice – the tiniest tweak or piece of direction leads to ‘Aha!’ moments in every single class. The best way I can describe it is like light bulbs constantly switching on in my body.


She builds and builds on moves I long ago thought I’d nailed to the point where they sometimes feel like whole new exercises, meaning my training is never static. And Mary manages to instil this discipline while being so warm and lovely. I’m staggered by how much stronger my connection to my core has gotten, plus my strength and definition have come on leaps and bounds. She’s my go-to for getting more out of Pilates than I ever have before.” OTTILE

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PILATES with Mary Griffiths-Hurrell

My goal is to teach with a calmness and kindness that allows my clients to work out at their own level in a fun, effective, and challenging way. I differentiate for varying levels in the class. There are always options for you to choose what is both challenging and safe for you.

With regular classes, you will improve your strength and flexibility, your stability will improve and you will reduce aches and pains.


My clients comment on my calm and soothing voice. It reminds them to apply Pilates to their everyday life. That is what makes all the difference.


“You apply Pilates in everyday life, like how you sit, how you walk. You’ve heard a lot of people complain about back problems; it’s because these people walk incorrectly with the last vertebrae of their tailbone. They stick it out instead of pulling it in and down” Romana Kryzanowska


Mary Griffiths-Hurrell

Romanas PIlates
Certificate Level 5, Authentic Pilates

2011 - 2013

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