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Amazing Movement

Recovery from injury. Learn or relearn a sport or activity. Gain balance, flexibility, mobility or strength. Find easier ways to do everyday actions. Have Fun.

Revive Chiropractic


Hi, I am Diane and I am a Movement Educator. My experience includes work in schools, Fitness centres, outdoor centres, small classes and with private clients over the last 30 years.


Sharing my love of movement and helping people to find a way to love moving is my passion. In the Studio there is a variety of classes and private sessions to help you increase your movement comfort and confidence. Learning your movement strengths and challenges will help you get through each day with less effort and pain, and more Joy.

“We make the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant” Moshe Feldenkrais


9 Shirley Rd

Phone or text 027 608 6638

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For those who enjoy peer support and social interaction

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Sequences encourage exploration of “How We move”. The constraints used highlight our movement habits and patterns. Each class has a specific sequence of moves and the teacher offers variations so anyone from injured to athlete, can learn what they need. Each class series has a movement theme.
E.g.: Better breathing, walking, sleep…

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I teach what is called Somatic Yoga. Each class contains Asana (poses) and flow (vinyasa) and rest poses and breathing (pranayama). Emphasis is on your shape and sense of comfort. Poses can be simple or complex depending on each person’s ability to balance with breath.



Find some friends.

Let me know what your outcomes are and we can create a class.

For those who have specific needs or want one on one attention


The private lessons of The Feldenkrais Method® Mostly done lying on a table, but may include sitting, standing and walking. The teacher helps the student become aware of their movement patterns. We explore variations that allow you to release tension, move out of pain and move more effectively. Gentle touch, with the student fully clothed.

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Image by Annie Spratt


Do you have a special fitness need?

Want to learn about changing your exercise program but the GYM doesn’t work for you. Talk to me about creating a program that works for you

I recommend Diane and yoga sessions. Diane brings a positive energy to the class.
Her instructions are clear and she models well-paced yoga practice. I find the mixture of stretching and relaxation improves my posture, reduces aches and strengthens my body and balance. She checks in with us and designs sessions to meet our needs.
I feel taller and energised when we leave.  NIKI

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At your first class or personal session I will have you fill in a health questionnaire and fill in a personal profile. This is so I know what health issues you have, and what you would like to achieve with our sessions.

Sessions are 30, 60 or 90 minutes. I have time tabled classes each week and time available for private sessions. If you want another class timetabled: yoga, Feldenkrais method, fitness. Please contact me.

Functional Integration® The Feldenkrais method private sessions

You don’t need to bring anything or wear anything special, just comfortable clothing. At the first session we will establish how we will work together. The Feldenkrais method is about both of us exploring what movement patterns work best for you. I suggest a series of lessons, from three to 10, depending on what your needs are.


Awareness Through Movement® classes

We focus on slow, unforced movements. The movements are not the end game, but learning to move with less effort, more ease. Most lessons are on the floor, but some will be in sitting or standing. There are always options if you are unable to perform some of the actions. No special clothing or experience necessary. Wear loose clothing and layers. The movements are not aerobic so you won’t get hot. Lessons are 30 or 60 minutes. Drop ins are ok, but signing up for a term will give you a more valuable experience.



Bring a mat and wear comfortable athletic clothing. If you have a rug and block, bring these. Our studio is small, so classes are too. Classes are a mix of poses, flow, rests and breathing. I always offer options, especially for more complex shapes and balances. Yoga is about your body, your time on your mat!


All bodies and abilities welcomed.

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Diane Sowerby

Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner (

200 Hour Yoga trained

Degree Physical Education

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